We are Two Times Twice

We are Two Times Twice – an alternative hip-hop band based in Berlin, but with members from four different countries. We categorise ourselves as „alternative hip-hop“ to provide an easily digestible term to an industry obsessed with putting artists into boxes to be marketed and sold.  But we do not fit neatly into any box. Our music is different. Our music incorporates every genre which we feel is right for the song we are making. We play hip-hop, jazz, funk, rock, pop, blues, punk, reggae and everything inbetween. We don’t believe in limiting our horizons to fit one genre. We are a melting pot of sounds, influences and musical styles.

We believe that as artists, we have a crucial role to play in challenging the status quo and changing society. That’s why we write songs which have meaningful lyrics, which have a message, which make a statement. The world doesn’t need more love songs right now. The world needs music that makes people think.

We are bold, independent artists and we are making music for a new generation.

We are groundbreakers and we are change makers, we are the new generation of music.


Edyta Rogowska

Edyta Rogowska

lead singer | piano player
Edyta is a classically trained pianist, multifaceted singer and composer from Poland. Her diverse musical background – from wedding singer, to lead vocalist in rock and funk outfits, to singer in a Klesmir band – made her the all-embracing musician she is today. 
Co-founding Two Times Twice in 2016 meant she was finally able to put her own musical vision front and centre.  As well as being lead vocalist, Edyta is the main composer of the band and her compositions are strongly influenced by her lifelong heroes: David Bowie, Queen, Maanam and Roisin Murphy. 
Her theatrical stage expression and emotional vocalizations bring to life the meaning of every song.
Lucas Worisch

Alex Moore


Alexander Moore is the band’s guitarist. He grew up in south-west Germany and fell in love with the electric guitar when he first heard the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s John Frusciante.

After moving to Berlin with his band “Pickers” in 2010, he toured Germany and developed an interest in sound engineering, which he went on to study in 2015/16. He has been playing in the band “Stonedrifter” since 2015 and joined Two Times Twice at the end of 2017.

As a musician, his main goal is to emphasize emotions through his playing –  drawing inspiration from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Santana and John Frusciante.

Sarah Magill

Sarah Magill

lead rapper/singer | lyrics writer

Sarah Sordid is a rapper from London who cut her teeth as an MC on the UK battle scene in the mid 2000s. She moved to Berlin seeking a better environment to evolve as an artist and in 2016 co-founded Two Times Twice.

Sarah is the main lyric writer of the band, whose goal is to articulate the message of every song in a clever and colourful way. Starting out as a battle MC helped to develop her harsh but comedic style and her texts range from spoken word story telling to content-packed multi-rhyming raps. Her texts are often politically motivated and she draws on her own diverse life experience to comment on what she sees as being wrong with society.

Her main lyrical influences are Louis MacNeice, Eminem and Pharoahe Monch.

Lucas Worisch

Lucas Worisch


Lucas Worisch is the band’s drummer who grew up in Brazil, where his musical adventures began at the age of six. He has been a life-long drumming enthusiast and is passionate about exploring different rhythms, which has led him to blend different groovy-funky beats with his rocky roots.

Based in Berlin since the beginning of 2019, fate quickly introduced him to Two Times Twice and he has been part of the family since May 2019.

His three biggest drumming influences are John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), followed by Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and John Otto (Limp Bizkit).